What are those catagories?

My Favorite Song: well, one of them; in my personal top 10, or 5, or 3. I can and will listen to this song over and over and over again, in a row with neither self-discipline nor loss of pleasure, and I assure you I did when I created the entry in ODDITTIES.

Cartoon Music: music from or related to cartoons, or just daffy.

Closet Favorite: music I wouldn’t necessarily cop to liking in conversation with someone I didn’t know and trust.

Drum Machine: music with one.

Disressed: funky-sounding audio quality due to worn cassette tape, scratchy record, generational loss of copied tape, inept transfer (before this newest one, of course!). I don’t mind it, whatever “it” is (or I wouldn’t share it), but your tolerance for crappy sounding recordings might be lower than mine.

Easy Listening: the sort of music that hard rock and roll was created to oppose. Pleasant to a fault (which suggests a degree of unpleasantness is a required ingredient in rock…?) I use the term to describe “soft rock” as well as the traditional instrumental “muzak” that used to be played as intentional background music in shopping malls and airports, etc.

Home Recording: music made at home, usually by amateurs, often by one person acting alone.

Ineffably Poignant: music that makes you sad but you can’t necessarily say why- it could be a chord change, it could be a lyric, it could be something in the recording quality, and it could be and often is a combination of elements working in congress; in any case, trying to pin it down is elusive if not impossible, because it’s probably hopelessly subjective anyway. Please pretend you understand.

Real Surf Music: music listened to by real surfers in, say, a North San Diego County beach town in, say, 1972. Honk comes to mind as an example. See Easy Listening and Closet Favorite.

Sad Grandma Music: Kate H.’s term for Real Surf Music, which encompasses Ineffably Poignant also (and makes me feel really old, too).

Dirthead Rock: to paraphrase Gregory S., the sounds enjoyed by “speed dealers who take vacations at Eastern California lakes and blast their music while camping, people halfway between bikers and hippies; bandana-wearers”. That definition works for me. Lowest-common-denominator hard rock-and-roll.

Whole Weird World: Music from outside the United States. Hey, if it’s not murica, it’s gotta be weyurd.


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