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Soothing Sounds for Baby 1

Posted in cartoon music, closet favorite, distressed, ineffably poignant on June 29, 2011 by jonathanghess

What relaxes you?  Making a drink and taking off your shoes. Reading a newspaper from somewhere else. Music. Music! Everything is Music.

These things relax me. Wear headphones, lie down. Listen.

Cat biting nails

Some people either love this or hate it. Me- have a cat on my chest relaxed enough to see me as an inanimate object, a heated bed, and start taking a bath or if I’m lucky,  biting his nails- that’s heaven to me. Neither of us is going to move.

The nails, the purring, nursing kitten, the other sleepy cat, the light… this was someone’s peak experience.



ROM Pack

Something about this guy’s accent and brain dead delivery (“It”), the close-miked, compressed production, the music, and- well, I’m not sure what all else- lull me into a deaf, milky late-night stupor. Lights out. Next!



Sunday Night

Somehow, Beatrice Witkin, an electronic/ new music composer, got these two tunes to be used for the opening and closing credits of the early 70s nature show “Wild Wild World of Animals”. 

They didn’t sound like the other music you’d hear on tv.

The instrumentals have an ineffable quality that, judging by the passionate, protracted comments on Youtube, haunted a lot of children, myself included.

These trigger feelings of Sunday night, sitting between my parent’s legs getting them to play with my hair, watching grainy footage of cheetahs stalking in the savanna… getting drowsy… eyes closing….

‘Night, people.


East-West Pipeline “Bury Me An Angel”

Posted in closet favorite, dirthead rock, distressed on July 2, 2010 by jonathanghess

Ass, gas or grass- no one rides for free!

Today’s post contains two selections  from the 1972 Roger Corman production Bury Me An Angel.  The film is- er- what it is- a pretty tedious exploitation film; an excuse to listen to roaring hogs, watch greasy bikers brawl and smoke reefer, and to oogle soft-focus shots of lead biker Dag’s jugs (Daisy Peabody, whose resume also includes the film “Night  Call Nurses”). What I really grooved on was the badass soundtrack featuring the obscure Colorado band East-West Pipeline. They didn’t release much- this, and the soundtrack to Angels Die Hard are their only known recordings, and as far as I know, BMAA never got a soundtrack LP release.

These two tunes were copied onto cassette tape off a rented VHS tape back in the mid-nineties (as of 2010, the film has not had an official DVD release). Track one, a hammering sludge-rock riff, accompanies the opening scene, a particularly tawdry biker party in a garage- reefers being blown, cheap wine being swigged, denim-clad mamas puttin’ out for hairy, randy rebel brothers. It’s a damn near perfect marriage of image and music- you feel soiled just watching it! Track two is repeated throughout the film, making it, I suppose, the theme tune. It’s great, with a wonderful melodic, repetitive circular motif- a rather lopsided arrangement for a stand-alone piece of music, but fine in the context of the film, where the miles roll past hypnotically (like hours spent/lost watching trashy movies)…

Bury Me An Angel 1 mp3

Bury Me An Angel 2 mp3