Jacques Loussier- You Only Love Once

French pianist and composer Jacques Loussier is best known for his jazz trio interpretations of classical pieces. Those spartan, tasteful arrangements are a far cry from the wild sounds on this soundtrack LP! On these dense, eccentrically orchestrated tunes, Loussier manages to balance richly melodic themes with dissonant noise, find toe-tapping grooves in non-2/4 time signatures, and generally remain unpredictable without sacrificing pleasurable accessibility.

Another swell find that came through the store that I never would have found otherwise- the film is pretty obscure. I selected five of the most rocked-out numbers, but the whole record is great, and available on iTunes if you want to own the whole thing…

ballet photo rouge mp3

ballade dans paris la nuit mp3

poursuite jaguar mp3

clara’s jerk mp3

leslie’s jerk mp3

Apologies again for the blurry photo.


3 Responses to “Jacques Loussier- You Only Love Once”

  1. Oh, my favorite obscure album of all time! Got it in a dollar bin in Santa Cruz, I think— back in 1988? Oh, my.

    I have sent movie buffs and research geeks of every stripe looking for this film, but doubt that it was ever completed or released. Wouldn’t it be amazing if a reel were discovered someday? But the images in my head from the countless hours of daydreaming and road-tripping to this soundtrack could never be matched or beaten. I used to call this “the soundtrack of my life.” In an ideal world, of course.

    • jonathanghess Says:

      Hi Jaina! You must know this is Jonathan Hess’s blog, eh?? Or did you just search for this record online? Anyway, what a soundtrack to identify with- you’re, well, you’re you!
      You know, two times I’ve been playing music at the workplace and you surprised me by knowing it and holding it dear- Love, back in 89 or 90, and this, at the record store when I was playing it.

      Hope all is well, stoked to know you’re reading.

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