East-West Pipeline “Bury Me An Angel”

Ass, gas or grass- no one rides for free!

Today’s post contains two selections  from the 1972 Roger Corman production Bury Me An Angel.  The film is- er- what it is- a pretty tedious exploitation film; an excuse to listen to roaring hogs, watch greasy bikers brawl and smoke reefer, and to oogle soft-focus shots of lead biker Dag’s jugs (Daisy Peabody, whose resume also includes the film “Night  Call Nurses”). What I really grooved on was the badass soundtrack featuring the obscure Colorado band East-West Pipeline. They didn’t release much- this, and the soundtrack to Angels Die Hard are their only known recordings, and as far as I know, BMAA never got a soundtrack LP release.

These two tunes were copied onto cassette tape off a rented VHS tape back in the mid-nineties (as of 2010, the film has not had an official DVD release). Track one, a hammering sludge-rock riff, accompanies the opening scene, a particularly tawdry biker party in a garage- reefers being blown, cheap wine being swigged, denim-clad mamas puttin’ out for hairy, randy rebel brothers. It’s a damn near perfect marriage of image and music- you feel soiled just watching it! Track two is repeated throughout the film, making it, I suppose, the theme tune. It’s great, with a wonderful melodic, repetitive circular motif- a rather lopsided arrangement for a stand-alone piece of music, but fine in the context of the film, where the miles roll past hypnotically (like hours spent/lost watching trashy movies)…

Bury Me An Angel 1 mp3

Bury Me An Angel 2 mp3


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